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We specialize in production of hydraulic cylinders: piston, plunger and telescopic types.

Our production program includes cylinders single- and double acting: piston (with one or both-sided piston rod), plunger and telescopic (including double acting) with various versions of mounting. We also manufacture hydraulic hand pumps and rotary cylinders


The main types of our products

piston cylinders plunger cylinders telescopic cylinders eyes
Cylinder tłokowy    


At each stage of production we are doing our best to ensure that our products were characterized by the highest quality.

We use nitrided glands, what improves cylinder stiffness and guidance. We also use bars improved with the heat, hardened by induction for piston rods, if needed.

Piston rods are protected against corrosion with chromium (single or double layer) or nickel-chromium layer. We have also ability to perform zinc plating in our house.

Outside of the cylinder is painted with primer or system primer- top coat.

We use for production seals or seal systems of renowned producers such as: Simrit-Freudenberg, Trelleborg (former Busak&Shamban), Parker, Dichtomatik or Hallite.

MountingMocowania cylindrów - wszystkie rodzaje cylindrów mogą mieć różne sposoby mocowania:  
  • mocowanie na łożysku wahliwym,
  • mocowanie na łożysku przegubowym,
  • mocowanie na czopach bocznych,
  • mocowanie na kołnierzu,
  • mocowanie na łapach,
  • mocowanie na łożyskach kulistych



Design documentationCylinders are made on the basis of our own design documentation, entrusted documentation, on the basis of information provided by the client as well as on the basis of the pattern.


Other productionAGROMET Luban also produces spare parts for cylinders, such as piston rods, casings, pistons, conducting sleeves, eyes, bearings, slings and also hand oil pump. In addition, our company performs services in the field of metal machining, galvanize covering, painting and cylinders regeneration. You can also purchase from us sealings for the cylinders.    


Packaging and delivery Cylinders are packed standard on the Euro pallets. If needed we use spacers to separate cylinders and protect them during transport time. We cooperate with famous speditors: DHL, Raben, Röhlig, or Emons.    

Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products
Packaging products