Galvanic plant
Thanks to having our own galvanic plant, in our processes we use mostly chromed bars from our own, internal production. At the end of 2011 we began modernization of our galvanic department. Thanks to new tooling and increased process efficiency our capacity grew to the level, on which we are searching for new potential customers who are looking for good quality chromed bars.




Capacity and characteristics of the chrome-galvanizing process:
  1. Maximum dimensions of chromed details: diameter = 160 mm, length = 1600 mm
  2. Big microhardness of the chrome layer: 1000÷1100 HV(0,1)
  3. High corrosion resistance – 120 hours acc. DIN 50021 SS (in salt spray) without traces of corrosion – by thickness of minimum 30 microns
  4. The degree of linear micro cracks above 800 cracks/cm. Possibility to apply double chrome with a minimum thickness 40 microns with high corrosion resistance
  5. Technical chrome is applied using special chrome bath prepared and dedicated specially for parts utilized in the fluid power sector - HEEF KR RS produced by company ATOTECH®.
We produce hydraulic cylinders since 1963 and thanks to this experience our chromed bars have probably better quality than most of the bars which are accessible on the market.
To ensure the best quality of our coatings we perform numerous coatings tests inside the company (adhesion test, salt spray test in own salt spray chamber) and outside the company. We check in the laboratory composition of galvanic bath. We also perform periodically comparison corrosion test in the outside laboratory.